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This gave us a good idea of how each program works in real-life settings. Qustodio is easy to install on computers, tablets and cell phones. Sometimes the kids sent a quick message through the monitoring program asking me to allow access to a specific website. We received this message through email or text alert and could then grant temporary or permanent access.

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Most of the programs we tested let you block access to the web during specific times of the day, such as bedtime or when homework and chores need to get done. We tested all these time control features to make sure they worked properly. Finally, we looked at the activity reports and evaluated how detailed they are. Some monitoring programs simply list the websites your child visited and the search terms they used. Others provide much more detail and include screenshots of the sites your kids visit, lists of blocked search terms entered, and both sides of chat conversations.

ContentBarrier is specifically designed for Mac computers and laptops. It lets you block inappropriate websites and set time limits for when your child can be online. Qustodio has 29 filter categories, and when you choose one, the program blocks your kids from accessing any site with that type of content.

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Categories include pornography, violence, weapons, drugs and alcohol. It also has categories such as online shopping, gambling and games so you can keep your kids focused on more educational content. On top of content blocking features, the program comes with time controls. You can also set exactly how much time they can be online in one sitting. You can also capture every text your child sends or receives and disable text ability completely from the Qustodio app.

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There is also a panic button — if your child finds themselves in a dangerous situation, such as if they get lost on the way home from school, they can hit the button and the program sends you a text message with their exact location so you can get to them quickly. Read the full review. This feature can also be used in reverse, so you can block your child from sharing personal information such as their full name, birthdate or address.

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  • This also works with online gaming site chatrooms, where your child may be talking with complete strangers while playing. Surfie has 18 filter categories, so you can instantly block sites about topics such as pornography, violence, suicide or drugs. You receive a text alert when your child attempts to visit any of these sites or if they search with keywords related to any blocked category. ContentBarrier lets you block access to websites based on content by selecting categories such as gambling, sex, alcohol and racism.

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    You can track everything your children do on five different devices, including mobile devices, and view screenshots of the websites, videos and images they are viewing. And if installed on a cellphone, Norton tells you when and who they are texting. The Basic version of Mobicip requires you to manually enter the URL of each website you want to block from your kids individually. The tool will start gathering data in a few minutes after you install it. All the data will be stored securely on Amazon Cloud.

    If you are worried about the ways that your kid or your employee is using the PC, SniperSpy definitely has the potential of becoming your best buddy. This tool is also able to save screenshots and text logs of websites, chats, keystrokes in any language that you want. Take a look at the key features that are included in this software for monitoring activity on a system:. There are more exciting functionalities and advantages that come along after you purchase SniperSpy and you can check them all out by heading over to the official website of this program.

    TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced spy apps for computers, tablets , and smartphones. Using this software, you will be able to sneak into any device anytime without getting caught.

    This tool comes with a lot of useful and interesting features for monitoring devices, so check out a few of the key advantages of using it:. These are our top picks regarding software to keep track of computer use and all these tools are compatible with Windows and pack some really great sets of features and advantages. This is a reliable and affordable parental control software that is able to view transcripts of sent and received emails.

    You can also have a look at messaging conversations and activity on social media.

    How can I get started?

    Even if this program may seem a bit challenging to download and set, once you get the hang of things, it will be a piece of cake to use it. You can adjust filter settings and view activity reports according to your preferences. You will also be able to set the software to monitor activity only at certain times. This program comes with various reporting capabilities including reports delivered via email and remote reporting.

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    Activity logs including screenshots can be filtered based on elements such as specific websites, time of day, restricted access attempts and also keystrokes. Updates are always free for as long as you are using Realtime-Spy, and you will always have the latest software. Market Proven. Realtime-Spy has been an award-winning, cutting-edge remote spy software solution for over 15 years!

    Over a decade of refinement has created an incredibly easy-to-use computer monitoring solution. Purchase Realtime-Spy via our secure online ordering system and receive your account information immediately. Login to your Realtime-Spy account and download the logging software.

    Physically run it on your computer, or send it to the computer for remote installation. Invisible stealth monitoring begins immediately once the install is accepted and completed. View Activity Logs. Remotely uninstall when you are done monitoring. Disclaimer: Realtime-Spy is a professional computer monitoring solution designed for parents and employers to legitimately monitor their computer use.

    This is potentially illegal, and not condoned by Spytech. All Rights Reserved. Realtime-Spy Logs View Realtime-Spy's Features.

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    Screenshot Viewing Capture and replay screen captures of what the user did. Keystroke Logger Log all keystrokes including passwords and view content, window title, and the application they were typed in. Real-time Viewing View the user's remote desktop, keystrokes, and activities in real-time, as they occur. Website Activity Capture websites visited, online searches, and download activity with comprehensive time and duration logging. Email Activity Log all emails typed and view copies of email activity via screen captures so that no communication is untracked. Top Reports Generate easy-to-read top 10 reports and graphs detailing frequent application, website, file usage, and more.

    Parents Realtime-Spy can be used by parents to monitor their children and put their mind at ease. I have your software on three computers at home. It is a great product. It has been very helpful for my family.