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The clown sightings are happening again, similar to the sightings of People all over the country have reported sightings of individuals dressed liked creepy clowns. On September 12, , Apple held its special event which was live streamed online on their site. During this event, they announced the many new things that are coming from Apple. Here is everything you need to know about the Apple Event. Many employers are jumping on the bandwagon of using tracking software to keep tabs on company provided devices. Knowing our society, ways to monitor employees in the workplace will evolve and become more technologically advanced.

Recently, a Wisconsin vending company decided to test out microchipping employees who volunteered. It was first released on June 29th, Alternatively, insurers may choose to give you a cash equivalent.

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As a rule, if it can't get you the same phone as your original, it should call you to discuss how you'd prefer to settle the claim. If your phone is damaged and not lost or stolen, then if you're covered insurers will try to repair it rather than simply give you a replacement, so get set to be mobile-less for some time. The 'excess' is the amount you'll have to pay towards the cost of a new phone or repairs before the insurer pays the rest. Unlike home or car insurance — where you normally receive the amount of the claim, less the excess — mobile insurance claims are dealt with differently.

You'll usually need to send the excess payment to the insurer before the claim will be settled. Excesses vary depending on the phone, the type of claim and if you've made a previous claim with that provider.

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So don't presume the same excess always applies. It may increase for subsequent claims, or if you need to claim while abroad.

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If you usually pay by instalments, some standalone insurers will ask for the remainder of the premium to be paid in full before they will settle a claim. This differs massively from other insurance policies, but it doesn't affect your ability to claim on the policy for the rest of the year.

If you lost your phone again, you could still claim though some limit you to two claims per year. It isn't just your handset you need to think about if it's lost or stolen.

Don't forget the cost of rogue calls and downloads can run into hundreds of pounds before you notice your handset has gone missing. Plus being without a phone can delay you from contacting your network provider to slap a bar on all outbound calls. From that point, you'll usually be covered for the cost of unauthorised calls, but you'll usually need to have reported it missing within at least 24 hours. You'll also need to tell the police if the phone is stolen or lost.

Again, do this ASAP and ideally within 24 hours to avoid any difficulties when claiming. While it's rude to ask how old a lady is — and sensitive men too! Some insurers will only accept mobiles under six months old, but others insure handsets which are three years old, so check yours is eligible before you buy. Where the age of the hand holding the phone does matter is if it's a child. Generally, they won't be covered until they are at least 16, and maybe older. In , the Financial Conduct Authority discovered many mobile phone insurance contracts were either mis-sold or complaints weren't dealt with in an acceptable manner.

If you think you've been sold an unsuitable product, had a claim unfairly turned down or you just feel your complaint wasn't taken seriously, take action and go to the Financial Ombudsman. Losing your mobile phone can be a nightmare of lost data, photos and contacts. Yet there are a number of easy ways to protect your data for free. Regardless of how expensive your phone is, the data stored on it can be mega-valuable, and it's near impossible to retrieve contacts, photos, apps, games, messages and more after losing a handset.

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You plug in and your data is synched with a server, effectively saving it to be retrieved at the push of a button. Always check you know exactly which info is being stored, and if anything important is missed, then use a different route to save that. It stores contacts, settings, apps and more for you to retrieve when needed. These are a bit more complex, and it's not our specialist area.

Most modern phones will be supplied with a cable and some software to connect them to your computer. This software is usually designed to sync calendars and address books, but you can use just it to store numbers. All smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone, Samsung, etc, now have a dedicated back-up service, but these usually store stuff on the PC, not online, which could be a worry if your system crashes.

This means if your insurer goes bust, it will try to find another provider to take over your policy or issue a substitute policy. However, if you have any ongoing claims or need to make a claim before a new insurer is found, the FSCS should ensure these are covered. If you've paid for cover for a year, but the company goes bust after a month or two, then you would lose out. To help explain, here's a quick example You paid for a year-long policy in January and the insurer went bust in September.

If the FSCS can't get the policy transferred elsewhere, then you will receive four months' worth of the original cost in compensation. First, you need to complain to your insurance company directly. The ombudsman is an independent adjudicator which will make the final decision on a claim if you are locked in a dispute with your insurer. Mobile Phone Insurance. If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site.

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